Electric Toothbrush vs Manual

Hey guys, in this post we talk about electric toothbrush vs manual. What is best for your teeth? We often get asked if an electric toothbrush or a manual one is best for cleaning the teeth in this post I’ll answer the question and offer some effective strategies for cleaning your teeth.

So which is best? According to the American Dental Association. It’s not the brush, that’s important! It’s the brusher, you! What I mean is that as long as you brush your teeth effectively every day, then it really doesn’t matter which toothbrush you use.

Comfort is key

So, as we’ve all learned, it’s more about you than about the brush you use. Do you feel it’s easier with an electric toothbrush vs manual to get to hard-to-reach places? Do you find it less of an effort, or do your teeth feel cleaner? If so go for it? Electric might be the way to go.

Consistency is important

If you prefer a good old manual toothbrush. All that matters is that you brush twice a day every day for two minutes making sure to focus on each tooth and not to forget the ones at the back, because that’s where food residue can hide out and turn into harmful plaque and tartar. Just make sure to brush gently with not too much pressure.


The different brushing techniques

With an electric toothbrush, you simply have to flick and switch and remember to clean from red to white gums to teeth. The movement should be like a gentle wipe from your gums, to your teeth. Doing it in this way will help to prevent wedge defects and to three sessions with the manual toothbrush. You power it with your own arms, however, with both it’s important not to brush too hard, because this can cause damage to your gums and result in wedge defects where the teeth appear longer and that’s not so beautiful.

With kids use, whatever works for you

If an electric toothbrush gets your kids to brush their teeth properly every day, then I’d recommend using one, because it’s really important to teach them to have a good daily routine. I know what I’m talking about I’m a mother of three and sometimes is so hard to get them brush their teeth. Of course, a manual toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character, molded onto it, can also work wonders to get them to clean their teeth well. Use the characters influence to get a better result.

Good dental hygiene doesn’t end with brushing alone

As well as brushing twice a day in the morning and before you go to bed. I know I repeat myself over and over again it’s vital for your oral health to clean the spaces between the teeth where food residue gets stuck. If you don’t remove, this residue plaque will build up and eventually turn into tartar. This can then lead to gum disease and stinky stinky bad breath in cavities.

I recommend using interdental brushes rather than floss, because studies have proven that they are way more effective at cleaning the spaces between your teeth. Let’s gather, it is up whether you use a manual or electric brush to clean your teeth. The message from dental professionals, is simply to make sure you brush thoroughly every day. Last but not least, did you know one in four adults in the UK admit they don’t brush their teeth twice a day, including a third of men?


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